Disability Insurance

Providing tax-free income when you need it most


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"Half of us will experience a long-term disability (90 days or longer) at least once in our lives," said Christopher R. Jarvis and David B. Mandell, authors of Wealth Protection: Build and Preserve Your Financial Fortress (John Wiley & Sons). "The probability of it occurring before age 65 is 50 percent for someone age 35," they added.

Imagine if you had a disability; then think about the financial stress of being out of work and having no income for years. With the MTA Disability Plan, you can avoid the disastrous economic impact of being without earned income. The competitively-priced plan, designed specifically for MTA members, provides tax-free income either on a short-term or long-term basis and is available through local education associations.

More than 130 local education associations have signed up for the disability plan since it was introduced in July 2001. To find out if your local participates, call Tom Colbert at 888.646.1972, ext. 101. If you have specific questions on coverage under the plan, call the MTA Disability Enrollment Line at 877.401.4083.

Use this calculator to estimate the cost of coverage and how much coverage you may need.

Important notice for local presidents: Discover like so many of your peers have that the MTA disability program is one of the most competitively-priced group disability income programs for educators in Massachusetts. It is also one of the most important and most frequently requested MTAB benefit programs. Don't let your members be without the protection available to them today–so they have it when they need it. The plan may be offered through either a payroll slot or bank-draft. If you don't have an employer-sponsored program, or the MTA program, call Tom Colbert at 888.646.1972, ext.101 to find out which arrangement is best for your district. He can help you design a group disability program specific to your members' needs. 

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