​Propane Discounts

Suppliers compete and you save with Propane.pro


Members can realize substantial savings on their propane costs by using Propane.pro, an endorsed benefit program for MTA members.

With the MTA Propane Discount Program from Propane.pro, up to four propane providers in your area will compete for your business and often provide significant savings.   

When you take advantage of this program, you'll get:

  • Up to four FREE, no obligation quotes from pre-screened and approved propane suppliers in your neighborhood. You'll only work with top rated local suppliers. The suppliers compete and you save on your propane bills.
  • $50 of FREE propane when you switch from your current supplier to a Propane.pro supplier
  • $100 toward the purchase of a new propane tank from your Propane.pro supplier

​And, if you live in an area where Propane.pro offers the Premium Membership, you'll enjoy pre-negotiated offers that will save you an average of 25-40 cents per gallon on your propane. Plus, Premium members don't pay any fees—not for your tank, delivery or anything else!

Whether you use propane for home heating, running appliances or fireplaces, grilling or for other purposes, your savings can be as much as $400 per year. To find out if the propane discount is available in your area, visit propane.pro/mta or call toll-free at 855.966.1444.