Discount applies to all lines on your account


MTA Benefits has partnered with T-Mobile to offer members discounts on wireless voice, messaging and data services. With the T-Mobile Advantage Program, an incredible wireless deal gets even better. You'll get UNLIMITED Talk, Text and Web with no annual contract and no overages.

EVERY line on your account enjoys 15% service discount on unlimited talk, text and web. Retail activations do not qualify for this offer.

Benefits of the T-Mobile Program for MTA members:

  • 15% monthly discount on qualified rate plans 
  • Early Termination Fee Reimbursement from T-Mobile — up to $650 per line
  • Rollover unused data on plans 6GB or higher. You'll also receive an extra 10GB just for signing up!
  • No contracts or overage charges
  • Add up to 10 lines on a Family Plan
  • Unlimited talk, text and calls to Canada and Mexico
  • Unlimited data, coverage in more than 140 countries without signing an annual service contract. Even better, texting is free and calls are only 20 cents per minute.
  • Latest LTE handsets
  • Free streaming music & video on select channels like Netflix, Hulu and YouTube
  • FREE Shipping on new activations
  • Generous 20-day return policy

Retail activations do not qualify for this offer

Switch to T-Mobile today and join the UNCARRIER – with fair and simple rate plans and services, best access to amazing devices and advanced nationwide LTE network.

Introducing JUMP! Only from T-Mobile. Available now, JUMP! allows you the opportunity to upgrade your device up to two times a year, after just six months in the program. 

Two years is too long to wait for a new phone

  • Enroll in JUMP! for just $10 a month during a qualifying event (new activation, Add-a-line or upgrade with an Equipment Installment Plan)* discount not eligible*
  • Upgrade as soon as six months after enrollment and up to twice a year with trade-in of an eligible device
  • Trade in your old device, buy a new one at the same great prices offered to new customers and we'll wipe out your old device balance
  • Enjoy included Premium Handset Protection and Mobile Security services
Start Saving Now:
NEW CUSTOMERS or Existing Customers adding a new line of service: Click here or call 866.464.8662, option 0 for details. Be sure to mention the promotional code 15255TMOFAV and ask for the Massachusetts Teachers Association discount. 

For any additional questions please contact your Account Manager, David Holdwright, at David.Holdwright@T-Mobile.com or 973.960.4499.